Event | October 28th, 2018

Arts Letters & Numbers, NY


The Tasting event was an outreach to the regional art scenes influential people, with the hope to build new connections and bridges. This caused for a situation where barriers smoothly would be removed, by taking everyone out of their comfort zone - and together regain balance. This was done with an extreme care of choreography, flavors, texture, width, height, distance and elements.

Each of the five coursed meal were served on costume-made plates, of which were set on suspended horizontal surfaces of different heights, making each course representing a unique spatial condition - to enhance different levels of interaction.

The choreography of bodies and objects between surfaces culminated with the rotation of the guests’ visual and tactile experience, with the plates being assembled on the wall in a collective vertical composition, created by everyone present.

The event was an Arts Letters & Numbers production developed together with Josephine Saabye and Zubin Singh.