Workshop | July 8th - August 6th, 2017

Constitution Workshop, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

During Arts Letters & Numbers month long workshop, a group of interdisciplinary artists gradually moved further into conversations and questions of Constitution.

The workshop was framed as a constellation of questions with the hope to inhabit them and create new works, acts, and actions, that would speak to the urgencies of our time. How do we embrace the fragility of the social contract? How do we enact this social-poetic imagination?

The fastest way to run together is to slow down, to see each and everyone. To realize that we all need each other in order to get where we need to go - weather that is to feed yourself or to create new models/structures/frameworks of constitution.

The workshop was lead by Arts Letters & Numbers director David Gersten, associate director Frida Foberg and fellow Zubin Singh. Food works were created in collaboration between Frida Foberg  and workshop participants Josephine Nørtoft Saabye and Merethe Bahn Trolle.